• IMCo Consulting

    IMCo has been an independent consultant for over 14 years, advising customers on stock loss along the entire retail supply chain. We have successfully completed over 100 projects for the industrial and retail sectors and are ready to help you with innovative solutions.

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  • IMCo Data

    High inventory differences can be traced not only to thieves but also to employees. IMCo Data analysis program analyses the cash register journals and quickly identifies discrepancies.

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  • IMCo eLearning

    IMCo’s interactive eLearning program teaches your employees how to recognise shoplifting activity and how to react appropriately to prevent situations from escalating.

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Consulting for the retail industry

As an independent expert on stock loss and shoplifting, IMCo offers a comprehensive approach that optimizes the entire supply chain and demonstrates long-term effectiveness.

Our experience has proven, that together with the retail industry, we find customized solutions and matching technologies for you. We then measure the effectiveness for your target market. 

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects in Europe with leading manufacturers such as  Procter & Gamble and L'Oral. 

We have continuously analyzed the complete supply chain for large:

  • Supermarket chains 
  • Departments stores 
  • Chash & Carry 
  • Discounters 
  • Organic supermarket chains 

IMCo Data

800 Million € of annual stock losses can be traced to internal employees*

In order to address this problem, we created IMCo Data. It reveals which employees are responsible for inventory differences. All of the cash register journal data are available and quickly identified, increasing the detection rate. 


IMCo Data includes:
  • Provision and running of a powerful server
  • Optional: programming and adaptation of the interfaces
  • Loading of journal data into a database
  • Creation of indicator reports for comparison with the markets and cash register staff
  • On request, IMCo will perform the analysis up to the receipt stage, at which point experienced auditors will take over exclusively. We can also include your video footage in the analysis.
  • IMCo offers IMCo Data as an external service with no initial investment required.


*estimated by the EHI Retail Institute 





You can order this service at an inexpensive flat rate per cash register and revenue month. We provide you with a detailed employee analysis that reveals unusual behavioural statistics (e.g. conspicuous immediate cancellations).



  • No advance payment required for the purchase of software or hardware.
  • No resources need to be allocated in the IT department and the audit.
  • The total costs remain within a manageable scope.
  • IMCo handles your data with absolute confidentiality and deletes the analysis upon completion.

IMCo eLearning

Attentive staff is the only guaranteed effective measure against shoplifting.

Interviews with offenders have clearly revealed that nothing discourages and deters shoplifters more than dedicated and alert employees on the sales floor.

Experience has shown that sales staff members are often uncertain as to how to deal with potential thieves, which laws apply and what the risks are. As a result, an employee may sometimes react too hastily or not at all. For this reason, employee training in dealing with shoplifting is a measure that improves the atmosphere in the shop, gives employees more confidence in their actions and encourages a service-oriented approach to potential thieves that prevents situations from escalating.


IMCo eLearning is an easy and sophisticated program that allows all employees at a given branch to receive training without an instructor. The training is based on modern learning theories and offers comprehensive and organised reading material in addition to relevant interactive video content. A test is given at the end of the training session in order to confirm and track successful participation.

The software is already being used in around 1,000 shops in different sectors with thousands of employees in Germany, Austria, England and Hungary, and has been proven effective.


  • IMCo eLearning is language-independent and available in many languages.
  • Every image, text and video in IMCo eLearning can be adapted to your needs.