• Intelligent solution for heavyweights

    EasyGlide™ gliding tracks are especially suitable for heavy items such as alcohol, coffee and canned goods. Heavyweights can automatically be front-faced on flat shelves. 


  • The system

    The system consists of a push feed, two gliding tracks, product dividers and clips for securing the gliding tracks. This allows you to optimise shelf use and gain valuable shelf space.


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EasyGlide™ gliding tracks set the standards in shelf productivity.

EasyGlide™ is a unique gliding track system for heavyweights that allows you to optimise the presentation of your goods. The clever push feed solution can be installed on standard flat shelves.              

EasyGlide™ saves valuable shelf space and drives sales while also reducing labour costs. The gliding tracks are virtually maintenance free. The EasyGlide™ system lets you boost the profitability of your display. See for yourself how effective it is.


Sales increase

  • Heavy products automatically slide forward on EasyGlide™
  • Shelves always appear fully stocked 
  • Improves shopping experience
  • Increases sales by impulse buying

Ideal use of shelf space

  • EasyGlide™ optimize shelf use and gain valuable shelf space
  • The innovative glide rails can be combined with standard push feeds
  • Heavy products such as alcohol or coffee are automatically front-faced on flat shelves.
  • 0° inclination with use of push feeds instead of gravity-feed systems
  • Standard product dividers and push feeds can be retrofitted with EasyGlide™ on existing displays
  • Flexible adjustment to different product sizes when planograms change

Maintenance-free system

  • Click system for quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Offer all benefits of a premium quality roller system 

Labour saving


  • Products no longer need to be pulled forward on a daily basis.
  • Staff has less work in maintaining the shelves.
  • Significantly reduces labour costs.


Gravity-feed solution

  • EasyGlide™ can be used without push feeds as a cost-efficient gravity-feed system 
  • Enhanced gliding properties requiring only marginal inclination of the shelf
  • Works particularly well with bottles.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for back loading




Intelligent reduction of stock loss

  • Combining EasyGlide™ with the intelligent IMCo Smart Shelf loss prevention system is possible
  • Combination proved to reduce stock loss. 
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