Trip to Thailand

IMCo Shelf

Clemens travels to several retailers in Thailand.

Retail ‪‎shrinkage is still on the rise in most countries due to shoplifting, employee theft and organized retail crime. According to the Global Theft Barometer 2015 (GRTB) the highest shrink ‪‎rates can be found in Mexico, the lowest were recorded in ‪‎Norway, Switzerland and France.

As for Thailand the ‪‎GRBT ranked the country seventh among the 42 countries surveyed in 2011. 1.64 % of Thailands retail sales value was lost to theft either by shoppers or by employees. Now Thailand really wants to take action – maybe with the help of our ‪‎IMCo products?

Our Sales Manager Clemens attended several meetings in Thailand last week where he spoke about how loss ‪‎prevention is made possible by IMCo!

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