IMCo on the road- German expert for inventory management at the largest US loss prevention retail trade show


IMCo, the world leader for smart shelves, taps into the US and Canadian markets together with its sales partner Checkpoint Systems. The innovative intelligent IMCo retail shelf will also be presented at the NRF Protect in Dallas, USA. The premier National Retail Federation event this year is putting its focus on data supported technologies for inventory management, on fighting organized retail crime as well as analytically monitored stock losses. IMCo delivers customised solutions for all these topics at the NRF Protect. IMCo’s smart shelf technology is already being used successfully worldwide.

Leading US retailers start tests

The patented IMCo system has made the German company the worldwide leader for smart shelf technology. Systematically IMCo is tapping into more and more markets with its sales partners. IMCo’s partner Checkpoint Systems is presenting how the smart shelf technology from Germany is intelligently taking on rising organised retail crime in the industry at the NRF in Dallas. This year’s previous trade conferences Retail Asset Protection (RILA) in Orlando and the NRF Retail´s Big Show in New York City also showed tremendous customer interest. Leading US grocery retailers have arranged to test the smart shelf technology for skin care, perfumes as well as alcohol.

First IMCo installations in the UK

IMCo is equally successful with its intelligent shelf technology in the UK. Here IMCo’s smart shelf loss prevention solution is already installed at four leading retailers and is being tested for electronics accessories, office supplies as well as shave care. The local partner B2B SG Systems has won over further retailers for more tests after having presented the technology at the global trade show Retail Risk London in April 2018.

Intelligent loss prevention with the Smart Shelf

IMCo smart shelf technology works right at the retail shelf and records the interaction between product and customer in a unique way. The removal of a product is registered and interpreted with a muted beep. This substantially increases the risk for opportunistic and professional thieves to be caught already at the point of sale (POS). Atypical multiple product removals cause an alarm so that potential thefts create immediate awareness. Store associates can go to the shelf right away and intervene in a customer oriented manner. The tidy and open merchandising of hot products improves customers shopping experience. This way sales clearly increase. Both losses and out of stocks have proven to decrease significantly.

Loss prevention and in-store analytics under one roof

What’s more, the IMCo smart shelf technology can be used as data source to increase the on shelf availability. The product removal and return data allow for out of stock detection in real time. Out of stock conditions can then be documented on a product level according to time, duration and frequency. IMCo creates the platform for efficient out of stock analyses, in-store analytics as well as the connection of the retail shelf to the internet of things.