IMCo Smart Shelf Technology at the InterTabac 2018 - The Global Leader in Smart Shelves is showcasing Instore Analytics for Tobacco Industry


Precise out of stock analysis is key to increased sales. The Berlin based expert for intelligent shelves is presenting an innovative new set of product solutions at the tobacco industry´s leading trade fair. These solutions are based on exact removal data at the IMCo Smart Shelf, giving far reaching analyses of out of stock events thanks to its business intelligence tool. At the same time, the IMCo Smart Shelf is also a highly effective loss prevention system. The flexible IMCo Smart Shelf is ideal for the many different sized tobacco products and accessories and is usable on a peg or push system.

The Point of Sale in focus

What exactly is happening directly at the point of sale (POS)? Whoever can determine the stock and removal data on a product level will minimize short sales, increase turnover and get a competitive advantage. IMCo technology creates a source for connecting the retail shelf with the internet of things (IoT). With the IMCo Smart Shelf tobacco retailers now have an advanced, superior product portfolio at their disposal, giving detailed out of stock analyses, visualising this data and therefore giving effective tools for management decisions. IMCo presented its intelligent solutions together with their partner OEK Oechsle Display Systems GmbH- one of Germany’s largest producers of displays and POS equipment. The IMCo Smart Shelf for Instore Analytics proved itself at the InterTabac and will be tested by three leading tobacco manufacturers.

New features for Instore Analytics

IMCo is complementing its proven worldwide Smart Shelf System with a dashboard for smartphone and desktop. In addition to the existing real-time out of stock alarm, the new functions can give exact product removal data and visualize these in conclusive diagrams. For instance out of stock ratio per product, out of stock time and the replenishment speed as well as the amount of removals per product category could be displayed. Retailers could analyze the data via the IMCo software platform or export this data into their own existing software. What’s more, the patented IMCo Smart Shelf is also a highly efficient loss prevention system with thousands of existing installations worldwide. A leading German retailer is using the proven technology for tobacco products.