IMCo technology connects the retail shelf to the internet of things

IMCo Shelf

German specialist delivers key technology for Retail 4.0

Digital technologies are taking over retail. This was visible at the recent NRF Big Show in New York and the EuroShop in Düsseldorf. The global leader in smart shelf technology, IMCo, holds the key to efficient POS data analysis with its developments in the area of smart shelves. IMCo retail hooks and product pushers deliver precise data for both product removals and stock levels - in real time. IMCo creates the platform for efficient digital out of stock analyses, in-store analytics as well as the connection of the retail shelf to the internet of things.

Intelligent retail shelf as data source

No subject got more attention at the NRF in the USA than retail going digital. Providers of video analytics and robots that scan complete shelves and analyze out of stock as well as misplacements caused a real stir. Worldwide attention was given to the subject thanks to the opening of the checkout-less Amazon Go Shop. 

These examples show clearly that big data technology connected with AI and deep learning is moving ahead very fast. Establishing data sources at the point of sale (POS) will become the focal point for further development of digital in-store analytics and for the connection of the retail shelf to the internet of things (IoT). IMCo currently delivers solutions that work right at the shelf. Data collection with IMCo is direct, more precise and much less expensive than any current video and robot supported technologies.

Double Benefit: loss prevention and out of stock detection

The patented IMCo Smart Shelf exists as a product pusher-based system, IMCo Push, as well as for retail hooks, IMCo Hook. Both systems have proven themselves in thousands of installations worldwide. The retail shelf now becomes fully intelligent and recognizes every customer shelf activity with its smart technology. The removal of a product is registered and interpreted. Atypical multiple product removals cause an alarm so that potential thefts create immediate awareness. Store associates can go to the shelf right away and intervene in a customer-oriented manner.

The IMCo Smart Shelf gives even more added value: this intelligent shelf technology is in fact also a data source. The product removal and return data allow for substantial loss prevention and out of stock analyses directly at the POS.