• Stop thieves before they act

    IMCo Shelf keeps theft-prone merchandise secure right at the POS. Also called Hot Products, these goods are high in value and carry famous brand names. IMCo Shelf is an innovative solution to the problem of shoplifting.

    Product variants

  • Open Shopping experience

    IMCo Shelf is invisible to regular customers and provides them with an open and accessible product presentation that encourages them to buy and drives impulse buying. 


  • Professionals thieves are responsible for 50 % of stock losses

    Professional shoplifters mainly target Hot Products. IMCo Shelf has been proven effective in deterring not only opportunistic thieves, but also professional ones. This allows stock loss to be reduced by up to 88 %.

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IMCo Shelf basic

IMCo Shelf Basic is the best option for securing only few products. Our intelligent product pusher recognizes every product removal with a faint beep. It is proven that the beep itself deters petty as well as professional thieves from stealing.

IMCo Shelf Basic is a truly smart compact solution and is easy to set-up. The Basic-20 version monitors up to 20 facings. Alternatively the Basic-36 can secure up to 36 facings.

Besides that, the IMCo Shelf system gives an optimal open product presentation as products are automatically pushed forward.

  • Immediate alarm at the shelf
  • Securing from 20 to 36 facings
  • Always an optimal product presentation
  • Very compact system
  • Optional remote alarm available

    IMCo Shelf extended

    IMCo Shelf extended is an expandable security system for your hot products. 

    • Plug & Play system
    • 32 basic or extension unit with 20 facings per unit, equals up to 6,400 facings with the included push feeds
    • Sabotage alarm included – ensures that the connections between the electronic components are maintained
    • Cost effectiveness through expendability
    • Alarm can be relayed to Pager or via LED 
    • Phone (land or mobile), video surveillance and PA-System can be connected


    1. Invisible to customers

    • Open and accessible presentation of the merchandise, that ensures that it is absolutely secure.
    • Hidden technology, unnoticeable to honest customers.




    2. Requires no extra space

    • Leaves entire shelf space for presenting products. 
    • Can be installed on existing standard shelves at no extra cost. 




    3. Promotes brand impact

    • Compromised - Packaging labels and logos remain highly visible.
    • Goods remain openly accessible on the shelf for a great customer experience.




    4. ROI in less than 8 months

    • IMCo Shelf increases sales by up to 14%.
    • Stock losses have been reduced by up to 88 % in all systems installed.




    5. Easy to install

    • No expert knowledge is necessary for installation.
    • It is a plug & play system.




    6. Time saving

    • Easy to refill - goods do not have to be moved forward on a daily basis.
    • Shelf maintenance easier, saving employees time! This saves you personnel costs.




    7. High deterrent effect

    • Thieves hat risks!
    • The IMCo Shelf scares off professional shoplifters right at the shelf.




    8. Avoids conflict

    • Staff can approach the offender in a service-orientated manner. 
    • It prevents situations from escalating. 




    9. Proven track-record

    • IMCo Shelf has proven itself all over.
    • Large European and US retailers are using our patented system since 2009.

    10. Made in Germany



    Presentation of merchandise

    Hot Products

    20 % of products cause 80 % of stock loss

    Push feeds

    Push feeds for handy products like facial care or perfumes

    Gliding tracks

    EasyGlide™gliding tracks for heavy and large products like alcohol, coffee or canned goods





    Vacuum mold displays

    Vacuum mold displays for decorative cosmetics like mascara or lipstick 

    Alarm options

    IMCo Pager

    • The IMCo Pager alerts the employee, detective or doorman with acoustic and vibrating alarm.
    • Incidents at the shelf are transmitted via radio signal.
    • The pager displays all relevant information.
    • Secures large sales floors effectively.



    Additional alarm options

    • PA-System 
    • Telephone (land or mobile)
    • Video surveillance system
    • Optical alarm via LED 




    Results & references

    IMCo Shelf increases sales by up to 14%. Stock losses have been reduced by up to 88% in all systems installed.

    Leading global retailers are currently testing IMCo Shelf in Germany, Denmark, Austria, the USA, Canada and Australia.