• Stop thieves before they act

    IMCo Shelf keeps theft-prone merchandise secure right at the POS. Also called Hot Products, these goods are high in value and carry famous brand names. IMCo Shelf is an innovative solution to the problem of shoplifting.

    Product variants

  • Open Shopping experience

    IMCo Shelf is invisible to regular customers and provides them with an open and accessible product presentation that encourages them to buy and drives impulse buying. 


  • Professionals thieves are responsible for 50 % of stock losses

    Professional shoplifters mainly target Hot Products. IMCo Shelf has been proven effective in deterring not only opportunistic thieves, but also professional ones. This allows stock loss to be reduced by up to 88 %.

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IMCo Push Basic

The smart solution for open merchandising and theft detection

IMCo Push Basic is our loss prevention option for hot products. Our intelligent product pusher recognizes every product removal with a faint beep. It is proven that the beep itself deters petty as well as professional thieves from stealing.

IMCo Push Basic is a truly smart compact solution and is easy to set-up. In addition, it has the capacity to trigger other existing security such as CCTV, external alarms, public view monitor, speaker, among others.

The IMCo Push Basic system gives an optimal open product presentation as products are automatically pushed forward.

  • Scalable
  • Immediate alarm at the shelf
  • Securing multiple facings
  • Always an optimal product presentation
  • Very compact system
  • Integration with existing security solutions

    IMCo Push IoT

    The future of retail is NOW

    IMCo Push IoT is our wireless loss prevention and instore analytics solution. It is a plug and play solution that can give real-time information of our of stocks to guarantee product availability. Now retailers can reduce losses and increase sales.

    The IMCo Push IoT provides the exact data on product removals and stock levels - in real time. Notifying store associates about out of stocks and/or theft alarms, for their immediate reaction. Allowing similar solutions as a digital store, by gathering real information directly from the shelf.

    IMCo Push IoT helps management to evaluate the performance of the store and products for decision making, to improve sales.

    • Wireless
    • Scalable
    • Real-time stock monitoring
    • Real-time notifications
    • Integrations with existing security solutions
    • In-store analytics
    • POS marketing


    Presentation of merchandise

    Hot Products

    20 % of products cause 80 % of stock loss

    Push feeds

    Push feeds for handy products like facial care or perfumes

    Gliding tracks

    EasyGlide™gliding tracks for heavy and large products like alcohol, coffee or canned goods





    Vacuum mold displays

    Vacuum mold displays for decorative cosmetics like mascara or lipstick 

    Alarm options

    • Mobile pager
    • PA-System
    • Telephone (land or mobile)
    • Video surveillance system
    • Smartphone app for out of stock
    • Optical alarm via LED