The future of retail starts here

      Out of stock detection and comprehensive analysis at the POS

      Digital technologies are taking over retail. With IoT (Internet of Things), IMCo is taking brick-and-mortar store into the digital era. IMCo delivers key technology for data analysis with its intelligent shelf solutions, right at the point of sale. The IMCo IoT Smart Shelf gives precise data on product removal and stock levels – in real time.

      IMCo technology supplies in-depth data for sales optimization. Fast elimination of out of stock allows sales increases of 3-4%.

      Smart Shelf products by IMCo:

      Intelligent shelf technology as data source

      IMCo creates a platform for efficient, digital, out of stock analysis and in-store analytics. IMCo technology delivers real-time data which can be:

      • Explored on premise or from the cloud, with centralized access and an overview of all branches
      • Sent to a third-party software such as SAP, ServiceNow, Fujitsu