The future of retail starts here

      Out of stock detection and comprehensive analyses at the POS

      Digital technologies are taking over retail. IMCo is linking up retail and is driving the digital shift. Increase your revenue with efficient out of stock recognition and in-store analytics. The global leader in smart shelf technology, IMCo, delivers key technology for data analysis with its intelligent shelf solutions right at the point of sale. The IMCo Smart Shelf gives precise data on product removals and stock levels – in real time.

      Smart Shelf products by IMCo:

      Intelligent shelf technology as data source

      The removal data on the one hand gives an innovative loss prevention method to reduce losses. On the other hand, IMCo technology in real time preemptively reports stock data so that out of stocks don't even occur in the first place. IMCo creates the platform for efficient digital out of stock analyses and in-store analytics as well as connecting the retail shelf to the internet of things.

      Immediate, precise and cost-efficient

      IMCo delivers ready for use solutions that work right at the retail shelf and record the interaction between product and customer in a unique way. The data collection with IMCo's Smart Shelf sensors is far more direct, precise and cost-efficient than any video or robot supported technologies currently available. IMCo technology supplies in depth data whose analysis provides great potential for optimising sales. The fast elimination of out of stocks allows for sales increases of 3-4%.

      Retail 4.0. – Customised for retail

      IMCo technology adapts to each retailers needs when connecting to the store infrastructure. The gathered analysis data can remain at store level and support the store associates. On the other hand, the transfer into the cloud gives a central access and overview of all branches. IMCo as a data source and supplier is then the interface for multiple cloud solutions.