Intelligent loss prevention with the IMCo Smart Shelf

      Detect theft right at the POS

      IMCo technology has proven itself time and again as an innovative loss prevention solution. A retail shelf with IMCo technology is an intelligent shelf that recognises every customer interaction. The removal of a product is registered and interpreted. This allows for particularly efficient loss prevention: atypical multiple product removals set off an alarm, so that potential thieves create immediate awareness. Store associates are instantly informed of the alarm at the shelf or via mobile device and can act on the spot. A further advantage of the IMCo technology is out of stock detection with extensive data analysis options in real time.

      Smart Shelf products by IMCo:

      Effective protection for hot products

      The IMCo Smart Shelf system substantially increases the risk for thieves to be caught in the act. At the same time it allows for an open merchandising encouraging honest shoppers to purchase. The patented IMCo Hook Pro is an intelligent peg hook that registers product removals with a muted beep and sets off an alarm when potential theft occurs. The IMCo Push functioning as a smart pusher system works according the very same principle. If offenders are effectively unsettled, they will most likely stop the act and leave the store. Opportunistic thieves often purchase the goods that they were intent on stealing in the first place. Thus it has been proven that sales will increase.

      Open merchandising with a maximum level of security

      Recognising any irregularities allows for instant intervention in case of an alarm at the shelf. A service-oriented addressing of the offender minimizes the risk of any escalation. The tidy and open merchandising of hot products improves customers shopping experience. This way sales will clearly increase as customers are encouraged to impulse purchases. Both losses and out of stocks have proven to decrease significantly.