Our History

      IMCo was founded in 2000, with a focus on consulting and process optimization for trade and industry, combined with the aim of increasing sales and reducing stock losses.

      We realized that shoplifting was a growing problem requiring innovative solutions, which would immediately expose unusual consumer behavior. This is when the IMCo Smart Shelf was born.

      Our Approach

      We conducted interviews with shoplifters and gained valuable insights into the motivation and criminal behavior of professional thieves. We discovered that professional shoplifters are responsible for 50% of these stock losses. They mainly target so-called "hot" products.

      After numerous tests, prototypes, and further development, we finalized the revolutionary IMCo Shelf security system.






      As a driving force in smart sensor technology IMCo's mission is to empower business to operate in the ever-changing world.


      Our Goals

      1. Questioning the past, influencing the future: We are always looking for continuous improvement, game-changing ideas and radical thinking to achieve excellence.

      2. Cross cultural: We believe in diverse teams to have a cross-cultural approach to accomplish our goals.

      3. Fairness: We treat our team members, our customers and our partners equally to build a strong partnership.

      4. Reliable: We reliably supply long-lasting products and also fulfill unsual customer requirements.