• Out of stock detection

    IMCo Smart Shelf informs store staff right away about out of stock and thus increases the on shelf availability.

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  • The new IMCo Hook Pro

    The smart solution for open merchandising, that exposes theft directly.

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  • IMCo Shelf

    Professional shoplifting is usually only detected when it is already too late. IMCo Shelf exposes shoplifters right at the shelf while remaining invisible to customers.

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IMCo Shelf Video

A shelf that reveals shoplifting right at the POS? IMCo Shelf is the answer. Watch our new product video and see for yourself how IMCo Shelf stops thieves in action while enhancing the product presentation. As our motto goes: SELL MORE, LOSE LESS. Learn more

NEW: EasyGlide™ gliding tracks

Shelf Management 2.0 – EasyGlide™, a world first, sets new standards in shelf productivity for beverages, canned goods and other heavy items. It automatically glides products to the front of a flat shelf, even heavy ones. Increase your sales and lower your labour costs at the same time. Learn more