• Loss Prevention

    The IMCo Smart Shelf prevents theft right at the shelf

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  • Instore Analytics

    IMCo technology reports out of stocks and connects the retail shelf to the internet of things

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Loss Prevention

A shelf that reveals shoplifting right at the POS? IMCo Shelf is the answer. Watch our loss prevention video and learn how IMCo Shelf stops thieves in action while enhancing the product presentation. As our motto goes: SELL MORE, LOSE LESS. Learn more

Instore Analytics

Instore Analytics with IMCo Shelf

With IMCo IoT (Internet of Things) Shelf reduce your losses and increase your sales with efficient out-of-stock recognition and in-store analytics. IMCo, delivers key technology for data analysis with its intelligent shelf solutions right at the point of sale. Learn more

IMCo's Smart Shelf portfolio start with an offline early-warning base. All IMCo's solutions are scalable, offering the capacity  to integrate to existing systems (e.g. CCTV, Headsets) to increase staff productivity and security.